Strathmore University

Strathmore University ( was founded in 1961 in Nairobi, Kenya as Strathmore College, a British-style A-level college. Peerless in Kenya for its reputation for integrity and excellence in education, Strathmore for over 40 years has been a leader in education in East Africa. To address the significant needs for increased opportunities in higher education, the Kenya Commission on Higher Education in 2001 invited Strathmore to form a university and granted it provisional university operating status. In April 2008 Strathmore received its full charter.

Strathmore University specializes in commerce and information technology. The University prepares students to help the economy in Kenya at the Strathmore Business School (SBS) and at the recently launched Strathmore School of Hospitality and Tourism (SSHT).  Strathmore also provides extensive professional courses leading to certificates and diplomas. Its School of Accountancy opened in 1966, offering full-time courses to prepare students for professional accountancy examinations. Today, two-thirds of all Kenya’s CPAs are Strathmore graduates. In 1991, an Information Technology Center was started, offering courses in Computer Science leading to IMIS Examinations.

Despite racial apartheid in Kenya at the time of its founding, Strathmore was Kenya’s first racially integrated educational institution of higher learning. Today students are all colors and creeds are present and welcome. Strathmore continues as a pioneer in African higher education as a leader in gender equality in education, with 50% of its students being female, twice the national average and the highest percentage of any university in Kenya.

Strathmore University also incorporates Kianda College, a pioneering school for women now operating as Strathmore’s School of Administration and Management. Founded in 1961 as Kenya’s first racially integrated school for women, Kianda College provided training for local women administrative secretaries when the field was completely occupied by foreign expatriate women. Strathmore University proudly includes all Kianda graduates as members of its alumni family.

Strathmore currently educates 610 degree candidates and over 4000 certificate and diploma candidates in a variety of business and management subjects. According to its strategic plan, Strathmore contemplates significant expansion as part of its fulfillment of requirements for university status and its efforts in the service of Kenya and Africa for the creation of wealth and eradication of poverty, improvement of governance, the empowerment of women, and the elimination of AIDS.

As Strathmore seeks to provide quality in education, so does it seek to practice quality in its management. Strathmore is the first school in Kenya to receive an ISO 9001 Certification for quality in management.

Strathmore University is managed by the Strathmore Education Trust, a non-profit trust incorporated in Kenya.