Our Work

Strathmore University Foundation focuses on the following key initiatives:

Alumni organization

The Strathmore "Pioneers"Graduates of Strathmore bear a special imprint. They possess an uncommon affection for their alma mater and collegiality for one another. The Foundation helps them organize the Strathmore Alumni and Friends Association (“STRAFA”) to do good things for Kenya, the school, and each other. Chapters have been formed in Nairobi, London, Cayman Islands, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Program development

Strathmore is developing international partnerships for new programs and courses of study of the highest international standard. Strathmore has a business school and a school of hospitality and tourism management, and it is working on a center for entrepreneurship, an honors program in multilateral assistance program management, a distance learning program in other East African countries, and a special program in African ideals and institutions. In Septrmber 2008, in association with the Hills Program on Governance in the U.S., the University launched its Strathmore Governance Center, an institute dedicated to the study of best practices in corporate and civic governance for Africa. In the U.S., Strathmore is exploring partnerships with multilateral, bilateral, and private institutions such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, Princeton University’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, The Witherspoon Institute, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, and historically black colleges and universities.

Resource development

Strathmore represents the best of indigenous managerial capacity building for Africa, a highly effective means for philanthropists to support solutions to the many ills currently plaguing the continent. As a distinctive university focused on management, finance, commerce, and information technology, Strathmore is teaching and leading for Kenya’s recovery.

The Campaign for StrathmoreA Campaign for Strathmore

Breaking new ground in Kenya and East Africa in educational institutional advancement, Strathmore University has embarked upon an unprecedented multi-year campaign, called “What Kenya Needs Strathmore To Be: The Campaign For Strathmore”.

The Campaign is focusing five key themes: students, faculty, facilities, systems, and endowment.

The University’s plan calls for land acquisition, new facilities construction, new equipment procurement, faculty compensation stabilization and improvement, and, above all, more student scholarships. Funding support will be selectively cultivated from corporations, foundations, agencies, and individuals with interest in and capacity for Africa, higher education, distance learning, IT systems application, business and commercial management, entrepreneurship, good governance, poverty eradication, HIV/AIDS, and women’s empowerment.