The Case For Strathmore

An early 1960s class of Strathmore students

An early 1960s class of Strathmore students

Africa is on the move. Kenya is in the lead. But there is much to do. Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya is a leading African school of business, finance, and information technology. It is training leaders who will move Kenya and Africa forward.

Since its founding in 1961, Strathmore has been pioneering in Africa. Strathmore was Kenya’s first multiracial college. Strathmore was first to train accountants in Kenya and now has trained two thirds of all Kenya’s CPAs. Through its merged Kianda College, Strathmore was first to train executive secretaries in Kenya, and now with women students totaling 50% is serious about women’s empowerment. Strathmore has designed new programs in microenterprise development, executive management, and good governance—all critical for lifting Africa up. Strathmore enjoys a peerless reputation for academic excellence and managerial integrity, attested by both the European Union and Kenya’s Minister of Education.


Strathmore University is helping secure the future of East Africa.
It’s motto is That All May Be One.
Its operating philosophy strives to answer
“What Does Kenya Need Strathmore To Be?” 


Why is this important?
Because Kenya is a critical place at a critical time:

  • Kenya is the world’s 17th poorest nation. Over 50% of its citizens live on less than $2 per day.
  • Kenya needs more wealth and job creation—and, thus, trained leaders to do that.
  • Kenya is stable, but fragile: After more than two decades of political oppression and economic malfeasance, Kenya has successfully continues a peaceful transition to a new democratically elected government in which there is now hope for a new beginning. Kenya needs trained managers to assure this.
  • Kenya is strategic: with 30 million people (10% with HIV/AIDS), Kenya is the demographic and economic center of East Africa. Bordering Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan and due south of Iraq and Iran, Kenya lives in a dangerous neighborhood. Like America, it has been directly and brutally attacked by Al Qaeda. Kenya is on the front line of freedom. It needs trained leaders to persevere.

As Kenya goes, many believe, so will go East Africa.

Thus Strathmore expects—and is expected—to lead in the building of Kenya’s leadership and management capacity. Strathmore is reaching out to all with a heart for African higher education, management and leadership development, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, good governance, and rural development. We are especially seeking friends in like-minded fields of business, industry, commerce, finance, and information technology.